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    1.(翅膀) the wing of a bird Phrases
    2.(像翅膀的东西) the wing of an aeroplane, etc.: 鼻翼 wing of nose; 机翼 wings of an aeroplane
    3.(侧) side; flank Phrases
    4.(二十八宿之一) yi, one of the lunar mansions
    5.(姓氏) a surname Phrases
    [书面语] (帮助; 辅佐) assist (a r+More...


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  1. The bird flapped ( its way ) up the stream ...
  2. Another solution is to have adjustable foils .
  3. With much caution he climbed to the top of the wall .
  4. A variant of the swept-back wing is the delta wing .
  5. Now the flaps were fully retracted .

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