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Pronunciation:   "翁" meaning in Chinese   "翁" in a sentence
  • 名词
    1.(年老的男子; 老头儿) old man Phrases
    2.(父亲) father Phrases
    3.(丈夫的父亲或妻子的父亲) father-in-law Phrases
    4.(姓氏) a surname Phrases
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  1. These were suporseded by hachures .
  2. Wizard wong had glanced at the tape several times .
  3. The rich uncle of whom he boasts is only a myth .
  4. The lesser gods thought this a heinous deed, and refused to purify ixion .
  5. The hotel d'aubrion was mortgaged to the hilt, and charles was marked down to clear it .

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