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[ suì ] Pronunciation:   "穗" Chinese meaning   "穗" in a sentence
  • 名词
    1.(谷类花实结聚成的长条) the ear of grain; spike Phrases
    2.(下垂的装饰品) tassel; fringe
    3.(广州市的别称) another name for guangzhou
    4.(姓氏) a surname Phrases


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  1. Mother picked off the dead heads of the flowers .
  2. At ear emergence, pasture still retains a considerable amount of leaf and its digestibility is reasonably high .
  3. He came to doctor our mare when she ate green corn and swelled up most as big as the water-tank .
  4. A probe into the landscape of urban viaduct rail transit
  5. The study on winter spike initiation in shenyang

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