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[ yǎn ] Pronunciation:   "眼" meaning in Chinese   "眼" in a sentence
  • Ⅰ名词
    1.(眼睛) eye Phrases
    2.(小洞; 窟窿) small hole; aperture Phrases
    3.(事物的关键所在) key point Phrases
    4.[围棋] (成片的白子或黑子中间的空儿) trap
    5.(戏曲中的拍子) an unaccented beat in traditional chinese music Phrases
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  1. Her eyes held a look of silent appeal .
  2. She'll not think you of enough importance .
  3. It was the first eyebar suspension bridge .
  4. She glanced at him with a brief smile .
  5. Occasionally i took a furtive glance at him .

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