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[ xiāng; xiàng ] Pronunciation:   "相" Chinese meaning   "相" in a sentence

  • Ⅰ名词
    1.(相貌; 外貌) looks; appearance Phrases
    2.(坐、立等的姿态) bearing; posture Phrases
    3.[物理学] (相位) phase Phrases
    4.(照片) photograph Phrases
  • b相:    beta constituent; ...
  • c相:    c
  • g1相:    g1 phase


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  1. When two tigers fight , one is sure to lose ...
  2. These events were referred to as ground roll .
  3. The resemblance is often wonderfully close .
  4. This tie does not match with your suit .
  5. He was snapped falling off his horse .

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