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[ fàn ] Pronunciation:   "畈" Chinese meaning   "畈" in a sentence
  • [方言]
    (田地, 多用于地名) farmland, often used in place name Phrases
    (用于大片田地) Phrases


  1. Shipment from chinese main port for transshipment to osaka , japan
  2. Last but no least , the shortcoming in education is the cause contributing to juvenile delinquency
  3. 1 the leaching characteristics and vertical transport of 95zr in two representational soils ( panfan red soil and red - yellow earth ) in zhejiang province were studied with soil - pole simulation installation
    1 、采用模拟土柱法研究了~ ( 95 ) zr在两种红壤(泮红壤和红黄壤)中的淋溶特性和垂直迁移。
  4. Under the hypothesis that economic variability is the most determinant rationality of farmers " decision on production pattern conversion the author conducted an empirical study yufan village , yuexi county , anhui province , china . besides the situation analysis the factors affecting farmers " decision - making on organic food production are identified , described and analyzed based on the current production system . furthermore , based on the analysis of identified affecting factors , the author systematically described farmers " decision - making process

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