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  • Ⅰ名词
    1.(天干的第一位) the first of the ten heavenly stems
    2.(爬行动物和节肢动物身上的硬壳) shell; carapace Phrases
    3.(手指和脚趾上的角质硬壳) nail Phrases
    4.(盖或围在人体或物体外面起保护作用的装备) armour Phrases
    5.(旧时的一种户口编制) a unit of civil administration
    6.(用作代称) a substitute word for an inde+More...
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  1. The methoxylradical is the attacking species .
  2. Allene is an isomer of methyl acetylene .
  3. We examine the study of hexamethylenetetramine .
  4. As an actor, a is not in the same class with b .
  5. They were ninety heroes dressed in mail .

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