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Pronunciation:   "爱" Chinese meaning   "爱" in a sentence
  • Ⅰ动词
    1.(对人或事物有很深的感情) love Phrases
    2.(喜欢; 爱好; 喜好) like; be fond of; be keen on Phrases
    3.(爱惜; 爱护) cherish; treasure; hold dear; take good care of Phrases
    4.(常常发生某种行为; 容易发生某种变化) be apt to; be in the habit of Phrases


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  1. I love her all the more because she is poor .
  2. Goldie epstein jumped up and down .
  3. Confound those interfering neubergers !
  4. Helena loved demetrius to distraction .
  5. My dear gerald, edward is a model .

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