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Pronunciation:   "烧" Chinese meaning   "烧" in a sentence
  • Ⅰ动词
    1.(使东西着火) burn Phrases
    2.(加热或接触某些化学药品、放射性物质等使物体起变化) cook; bake; heat Phrases
    3.(烹调方法, 先用油炸, 再加汤汁来炒或炖, 或先煮熟再用油炸) stew after frying or fry after stewing Phrases
    4.(烹调方法, 烤) roast Phrases


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  1. He built a fire and heated a pan of water .
  2. The burning within his chest subsided .
  3. Burn the old paint off before the door .
  4. As a cook, she was in a class by herself .
  5. It's all right, we've just made a pot .

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