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[ chǎo ] Pronunciation:   "炒" Chinese meaning   "炒" in a sentence
  • 动词
    (把食物放在锅里加热并随时翻动使熟) stir-fry; fry; sauté: 炒黄瓜 sautéed cucumber; 炒鸡蛋 scrambled eggs; 炒肉丝 stir-fried shredded pork; 蛋炒饭 rice fried with eggs; 糖炒栗子 chestnuts roasted in sand with brown sugar


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  1. I can easily whip you up some scrambled eggs .
  2. He wanted to try some mushrooms with his eggs .
  3. This dish does n't taste quite right .
  4. I'll scramble some eggs with roe ?
  5. This stir-fried meat is very tender .

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