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[ fā; fá; fǎ; fà; -fa ] Pronunciation:   "法" meaning in Chinese   "法" in a sentence
  • Ⅰ名词
    1.(由国家制定或认可的行为规则的总称) law Phrases
    2.(方法; 方式) way; method; mode; means Phrases
    3.(标准; 模范; 可仿效的) standard; model Phrases
    4.(佛教的道理) buddhist doctrine; the dharma
    5.(法术) magic arts Phrases
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  1. Our side compounded the problem .
  2. The bisection method finds only one of them .
  3. The clove hitch is an extremity restraint .
  4. She buys her xmas presents on layaway .
  5. Val did come like a shot at six o'clock .

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