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[ shì; zhǐ ] Pronunciation:   "氏" meaning in Chinese   "氏" in a sentence

  • 名词
    1.(姓) family name; surname Phrases
    2.(放在已婚妇女的姓后, 通常在父姓前再加夫姓, 作为称呼) née : 李王氏 mrs. li, née wang
    3.(对名人专家的称呼) form of address for a famous person Phrases
    4.(姓氏) a surname Phrases

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  1. Initially these alloys were austenitic .
  2. The van travelled only so far as shaston .
  3. K is the symbol used for the kelvin units of temperature .
  4. The specialists said it might be bright's disease .
  5. Both aldrin and chlordane are valuable insecticides .

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