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[ gěng ] Pronunciation:   "梗" Chinese meaning   "梗" in a sentence
  • Ⅰ名词
    1.(植物的枝或茎) stalk; stem; stick Phrases
    2.(细长的木棍或金属棍) a slender piece of wood or metal Phrases
    3.(姓氏) a surname Phrases
    1.(阻塞;妨碍) obstruct; block; hinder Phrases


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  1. Two t-sections are battened between the stems .
  2. Do n't eat the stem of a mushroom .
  3. He tried to speak, but gulped and no words came .
  4. Seeing him i felt the fear balled coldly within me unfold .
  5. He tramped steadily on through the wheat stubble, walking fast, his head in a whirl .

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