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[ jiē ] Pronunciation:   "接" Chinese meaning   "接" in a sentence
  • Ⅰ动词
    1.(靠近;接触) come into contact with; come close to Phrases
    2.(连接; 使连接) connect; join; put together Phrases
    3.(托住; 承受) catch; take hold of Phrases
    4.(接收; 接受) receive Phrases
  • t接:    tee off; tee-off
  • y接:    wye
  • 接7:    bypass with 7μf


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  1. I must go to the station to meet my friend ..
  2. Could you put me through to the manager , please .
  3. Do n't trouble to meet me at the station .
  4. I found myself suddenly very short of breath .
  5. Why not let giles fetch her by himself ?

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