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[ nián ] Pronunciation:   "年" Chinese meaning   "年" in a sentence
  • Ⅰ名词
    1.(时间单位) year Phrases
    2.(元旦或春节) new year Phrases
    3.(岁数; 年纪) age Phrases
    4.(一生中按年龄划分的阶段) a period in one's life Phrases
  • 0年:    year zero
  • a42年:    emscherschnellweg
  • a59年:    nord süd strae; no ...


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  1. I'm nudging fifty, i'm no chicken .
  2. Ten years was the sum of john's education .
  3. Time zipped by and the year was soon over .
  4. The treaty has been prolonged for another ten years .
  5. The targets are irradiated for about one year .

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