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[ mèi ] Pronunciation:   "媚" meaning in Chinese   "媚" in a sentence
  • Ⅰ动词
    (有意讨人喜欢; 巴结) flatter; toady to; fawn on; curry favour with; get into the good graces of sb.: 谄媚 flatter; 狐媚 seduce by attractive looks; 媚世 court favour of the public
    (美好; 可爱) pleasing; charming; enchanting fascinating Phrases
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  1. In her face suffused with a sugary smile .
  2. He looked around at the sunny cabin .
  3. He felt that she was able to charm him .
  4. Melly, it's like i said the other day .
  5. Melanie's white face went crimson .

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