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[ dà; dài; tài ] Pronunciation:   "大" Chinese meaning   "大" in a sentence

  • Ⅰ形容词
    1.(体积、面积等大) big; large Phrases
    2.(强度大) strong (wind, etc.); heavy (rain, etc.); loud Phrases
    3.(伟大的; 重要的) great; important Phrases
    4.(主要的; 大规模的) general; main; major Phrases
  • 大 ():    oku (tv series); t ...
  • 大s:    barbie hsu
  • 63大:    63 building


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  1. He had made passes at her in moscow .
  2. A small leak will sink a great ship .
  3. Only a few, however, amassed large fortunes .
  4. The east possessed most of the large cities .
  5. He is now much recovered from his illness .

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