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[ zhōu ] Pronunciation:   "周" Chinese meaning   "周" in a sentence
  • Ⅰ名词
    1.(圈子; 周围) circumference; periphery; circuit Phrases
    2.(星期) week Phrases
    3.[电学] (周波的简称) cycle Phrases
    4.(朝代, 约公元前11世纪起到公元前256) the zhou dynasty (c. 11th century-256b.c.)
    5.(北周) the northern zhou dynasty (557-581), one of the northern dynasti+More...


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  1. The chairman adjourned the meeting for a week .
  2. The helix makes a complete turn every 4. 4nm .
  3. The circumferential normal stress is tensile .
  4. The shop changed hands twice within a week .
  5. They ran that building up in two weeks .

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