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[ rú ] Pronunciation:   "儒" Chinese meaning   "儒" in a sentence
  • 名词
    1.(儒家) confucianism; confucianist
    2.(旧时指读书人) scholar; learned man Phrases
    3.(姓氏) a surname Phrases
    1.(懦弱的) cowardly
    2.(愚昧无知的) ignorant
    3.(缓慢的) slow


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  1. This is done in astronomy, with the help of the julian day .
  2. People called him the dog and called his philosophy cynicism .
  3. Cynics are only happy in making the world as barren to others as they have made it for themselves .
  4. Shakespeare, for example, dipped into north's translation of plutarch's lives for the plots of julius casear .
  5. I have some friends in an abbey near frejus

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