yellowish greens in a sentence

"yellowish greens" in Chinese  
  1. They are yellowish green to greyish with a black head.
  2. They are dull yellowish green with a light brown head.
  3. They are dirty yellowish green with a dark brown head.
  4. The larvae have a pale yellowish green body and head.
  5. The linear mine is pale yellowish green to pale brown and semitransparent.
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  7. The common morph is green with a yellowish green head.
  8. They have a yellowish green body and a black head.
  9. The larvae are darkish grass-green with a yellowish green head.
  10. The mine is narrow and pale yellowish green in color.
  11. They are pale yellowish green with a yellowish brown head.
  12. Hundreds of stacks filled with a yellowish green liquid line rows of shelves.
  13. This stone is translucent to opaque, and green to yellowish green color.
  14. Their color is light yellowish green, but may turn red when mature.
  15. The stem and midribs are yellowish green, and the laminae dark green.
  16. The caterpillar is yellowish green to a brownish color.
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