yellowish brown in a sentence

"yellowish brown" meaning  "yellowish brown" in Chinese  
  1. The forewings are yellowish brown variably shaded with darker brown.
  2. The larvae are dark green with a yellowish brown head.
  3. The forewings are shining yellowish brown, with two cream white spots.
  4. Adults have yellowish brown forewings, lightly marked with brown.
  5. The hindwings are grayish brown, but yellowish brown near the apex.
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  7. The colour of the forewings varies from yellowish grey to yellowish brown.
  8. The ground colour of the forewings is a yellowish brown.
  9. The hindwings are pale yellowish brown with a shining gloss.
  10. They are semitransparent ivory white, with a pale yellowish brown head.
  11. The forewings are yellowish brown and the hindwings are white.
  12. The markings are brownish ochreous and the median fasciae are yellowish brown.
  13. The markings are yellowish brown with black spots and blotches.
  14. The markings are also yellowish brown, sprinkled with brown.
  15. The hindwings are cream, slightly tinged with yellowish brown.
  16. The ground colour of the forewings is pale yellowish brown.
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