yellowish brown in a sentence

"yellowish brown" meaning  "yellowish brown" in Chinese  
  1. The forewings are pale yellowish brown, darkest along the costa.
  2. The suffusions are yellow brown and the markings are yellowish brown.
  3. The forewings are greyish yellow, with scattered yellowish brown scales.
  4. The wings are pale yellowish brown, lightly speckled with grey.
  5. The forewings are white with the transverse fasciae pale yellowish brown.
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  7. The distal two-fifths of the wing are yellowish brown.
  8. The distal area is yellowish brown, mixed with black scales.
  9. The forewings are light yellowish brown, lightest along the costa.
  10. The head is a yellowish brown, evidence of millennia of wear.
  11. Its crystals may be pinkish to yellowish brown or red-orange.
  12. Uses include making poles, heartwood is yellowish brown to light brown.
  13. The pupa yellowish brown and there is no visible cocoon.
  14. Adults are greyish brown with a yellowish brown wing apex.
  15. The head is khaki in males and pale yellowish brown in females.
  16. The forewings are yellowish brown with a brown terminal area and fringes.
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