yellowish brown in a sentence

"yellowish brown" meaning  "yellowish brown" in Chinese  
  1. Its fur is yellowish brown with paler sides and white underparts.
  2. The bottom of the hands and feet are a yellowish brown.
  3. Its wood is dark yellowish brown, very hard and heavy.
  4. The forewing is relatively broad with a yellowish brown ground colour.
  5. They are hyaline ( translucent ) and yellow to yellowish brown.
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  7. The cephalothorax was yellowish brown in color, long and wide.
  8. The forewings vary from dark clay coloured to light yellowish brown.
  9. The ground colour is yellowish brown, scattered with brown scales.
  10. Pupation takes place in a yellowish brown cocoon within the stem.
  11. The forewings are mottled dark brown with light yellowish brown markings.
  12. The markings are yellowish brown, but brown at the costa.
  13. The larvae have a greenish yellow body and yellowish brown head.
  14. The forewings are yellowish brown with a reddish-brown pattern.
  15. The larvae have a green body and a yellowish brown head.
  16. The suffusions are brownish grey and the markings are yellowish brown.
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