with the aid of in a sentence

"with the aid of" in Chinese  
  1. For three months, she breathed with the aid of a respirator.
  2. He and six other investigators located the submarine with the aid of sonar.
  3. With the aid of computers, unwanted pulses created by drilling are filtered out.
  4. With the aid of quality medicine, Ling Tong managed to survive.
  5. With the aid of Coste, Sam attacks the Michigan Avenue Reservoir.
  6. It's difficult to find with the aid of in a sentence.
  7. Film takes are often designated with the aid of a clapperboard.
  8. The production was recorded with the aid of a specially assembled 76-piece orchestra.
  9. The Nasdaq gained with the aid of three of its biggest computer names.
  10. Princix wins the competition with the aid of his magical gifts.
  11. Business decisions in France are often made with the aid of an astrologer.
  12. They secured a landing site with the aid of armored vehicles.
  13. Bank stood with the aid of crutches during the wedding ceremony.
  14. Later, she made dancers climb walls with the aid of harnesses.
  15. On Jan . 5, with the aid of crutches, he did.
  16. He left some 40 pounds lighter and with the aid of a silver cane.
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