with the aid of in a sentence

"with the aid of" in Chinese  
  1. We get all the permits with the aid of the Housing Authority.
  2. With the aid of the resources he brings the human revolt succeeds.
  3. He did this with the aid of the sex therapist Nathan Himmerich.
  4. With the aid of Captain America they managed to defeat the Viper.
  5. Initially, all the babies breathed with the aid of mechanical ventilators.
  6. It's difficult to find with the aid of in a sentence.
  7. Chico State College produced the program with the aid of students.
  8. Business meetings could also be conducted with the aid of avatars, he added.
  9. He is able to walk with the aid of a walker.
  10. Hospitals postponed surgeries and performed only emergency operations with the aid of generators.
  11. Talking with the aid of a headset or a speakerphone would be allowed.
  12. With the aid of Greek officials, Ocalan secretly entered Kenya in early February.
  13. All contingencies can be considered, with the aid of sophisticated technology.
  14. The stent is usually inserted with the aid of a cystoscope.
  15. One child can walk only with the aid of a stick.
  16. Helicopter-borne rescuers could retrieve him only with the aid of a rope winch.
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