with the advance of in a sentence

"with the advance of" in Chinese  
  1. With the advance of the Soviet troops, she left Cecilienhof to never come back in February 1945.
  2. With the advance of information technology, voicemail from his North Korean contacts is now received on computers.
  3. With the advance of the Red Army, Stranski returned to Berlin to work at the Fritz Haber Institute.
  4. With the advance of Cromwell's forces on Cambridge, Crashaw was forced to resign from his fellowship at Peterhouse.
  5. With the advance of films and other public media, musicians started to make their living through public performances.
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  7. In time, with the advance of the fighting zone, towards west, were engaged both sides all the disposable reserves.
  8. With the advance of videotapes and scouting, players know the opposition's offensive sets like a movie they've already seen.
  9. The Soviet government relocated to Yekaterinoslav and with the advance of the Central Powers to Taganrog in April 1918.
  10. Local, regional and national traditions provide the opportunity for communities to retain their individuality with the advance of globalisation.
  11. Like most USS " Congress ", culminating with the advance of steam power, rendering sail power in warfare obsolete.
  12. However, in recent years with the advance of technology the most basic'high-technology swimwear'can be purchased for approximately $ 100.
  13. With the advance of filmmaking technology, including computer graphics, " post, " as it's called, has grown ever more elaborate.
  14. Through these contacts they become increasingly familiar with the advances of other people and undergo a gradual cultural development themselves.
  15. Heritability studies became much easier to perform, and hence much more numerous, with the advances of genetic studies during the 1990s.
  16. The battle began on 24 July 1900, with the advance of about 1000 men of the liberal army to conservative positions.
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