with teeth in a sentence

  1. With teeth pearly white _ and perfect hair too.
  2. Below him is a grinning green alligator with teeth like a tree saw.
  3. This is the first multinational environment agreement with teeth.
  4. But Singapore has yet to establish a body with teeth to enforce them,
  5. There are over 30 expletives included in " With Teeth ".
  6. It's difficult to find with teeth in a sentence.
  7. Clam tongs appear very much like two clamrakes with teeth hinged like scissors.
  8. It consists of a partial left mandible with teeth.
  9. The circular spline is a rigid circular ring with teeth on the inside.
  10. The thorax is often sculptured with teeth, angles, or other projections.
  11. It has a Head with teeth, a body and a cloth tail.
  12. While modern birds survived the Cretaceous, more primitive birds with teeth became extinct.
  13. With teeth like that, it is very hard to remain a plaster saint.
  14. This pterosaur is known only from the front part of the jaw with teeth.
  15. It has acuminate leaves with teeth along the margins, and solitary white flowers.
  16. Leaves are up to long, hairy, sometimes with teeth on the edges.
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