with teeth in a sentence

  1. It is vitally important we pass a bill with teeth.
  2. Saying he wanted something " with teeth,"
  3. Obsessed with teeth, Moochie also extracts the molars of her victims.
  4. It had a weak lower jaw with teeth only at the tip.
  5. It is represented by fairly complete upper jaws with teeth.
  6. It's difficult to find with teeth in a sentence.
  7. The insides of the blades were generously lined with teeth or spikes.
  8. It has opposite leaves with teeth and a pointed tip.
  9. Leaves are up to long, sometimes with teeth on the edges.
  10. Any independent board that is set up has to be one with teeth,
  11. Frogs with teeth, says Slavkin, have an indefinite number of teeth.
  12. Named for its discoverers, the syndrome has nothing to do with teeth.
  13. Is it like an archetype or an image, a vagina with teeth?
  14. Now that was an oath with teeth in it.
  15. And yet hope is alive for those who favor a forum with teeth.
  16. The gray scale is off the charts with teeth.
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