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  1. Other colour encodings have also been used with System M, notably PAL-M in Brazil.
  2. Crime, divorce and dissatisfaction with systems such as education are all on the rise.
  3. Feedback linearization can be accomplished with systems that have relative degree less than n.
  4. WindowShade, which had been purchased by Apple and bundled with System 7, provides collapse functionality.
  5. The company complements these operations with systems in higher-income nations like Ireland, Iceland and Croatia.
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  7. Multicanal is the largest cable TV operator in Brazil, with systems serving 11 Brazilian cities.
  8. Companies are saying they need more than just computer boxes, but help with system architecture,
  9. Meanwhile, other Hughes-Avicom rivals are pressing ahead with systems-- but at a more measured pace.
  10. KFC has nearly 5, 500 domestic stores with system sales of $ 4 . 8 billion.
  11. FOG computing systems integrate bait information with systems that generate alerts when a decoy is misused.
  12. I think when we get comfortable with systems like Prodigy, it will have a great impact.
  13. People A management-centred internal auditor deals more with systems and people than with things and numbers.
  14. Windows Vista also introduced persistent shadow copies for use with System Restore and Previous Versions features.
  15. In 1981, IBM's first personal computer arrived with system unit, keyboard and monitor in neutral tones.
  16. It was remodeled with systems upgrades in 1990.
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