with sympathy in a sentence

"with sympathy" in Chinese  
  1. They responded with sympathy but said they could not do so when drugs were involved.
  2. Even after Clinton's election, however, the State Department continued to view the British position with sympathy.
  3. The people of the town seem benighted, but are portrayed by Mantel with sympathy and affection.
  4. We're supposed to be content with sympathy and credibility _ at the expense of global security.
  5. This story line may be tempered with sympathy.
  6. It's difficult to find with sympathy in a sentence.
  7. Now the scars have been replaced with sympathy.
  8. At the N . A . M . E . Gallery, however, she met with sympathy.
  9. The volume was received with sympathy by some of the authors who were just then debuting.
  10. The people in her life react with sympathy but mostly make her feel guilty for her grief.
  11. After the first day of discussion, Mr Paul said Britain looked at the boat people with sympathy.
  12. But the larger change is psychological and spiritual, and Beers renders it with sympathy and honest perplexity.
  13. His uncle accepted his presence with sympathy.
  14. Naturally, Kleine's teammates are overflowing with sympathy.
  15. The jury was overwhelmed with sympathy despite the fact that there is nothing wrong with the product.
  16. As Jian listens, with sympathy and horror, he inevitably redefines his own idea of a meaningful life.
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