with surprise in a sentence

"with surprise" in Chinese  
  1. Industry groups that represent brokers reacted with surprise to news of the investigation.
  2. The rebels have retaliated with surprise attacks and suicide bombings.
  3. He peppered his show with surprise rarities and unavailable tracks.
  4. Superior illustrations of stories with surprise endings became EC's trademark.
  5. It is a market that has blossomed with surprising speed.
  6. It's difficult to find with surprise in a sentence.
  7. Spain's press also reacted with surprise in their Thursday editions.
  8. Mrs . Clinton's office reacted with surprise to the news.
  9. Backstage rivalries and pressures are described, sometimes with surprising eloquence.
  10. Many of my elders use The Word with surprising eloquence.
  11. News of Dominica's fall was received with surprise in London.
  12. Resin copies the surface of your mould with surprising fidelity.
  13. His voice was calm but tinged with surprise and exasperation.
  14. Lomonaco speaks with surprising poignancy, even theatricality, about the events.
  15. The forerunners of humanism imprinted their views with surprising power.
  16. Tsutamori said he watched the Kimutaku commercial with surprise.
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