with surprise in a sentence

"with surprise" in Chinese  
  1. Steve Martin steps with surprising ease into a dangerously sacrosanct role.
  2. The jury's ruling has been received with surprise in some areas.
  3. Flavors like cinnamon, caraway and saffron show up with surprising frequency.
  4. But Hosoya painted a bleak picture of Resona with surprising honesty.
  5. People react with surprise, but also with a kind of satisfaction.
  6. It's difficult to find with surprise in a sentence.
  7. Life seems to have popped up on earth with surprising rapidity.
  8. It handled with surprising flair; its new engine showed unexpected verve.
  9. Colombian business leaders reacted with surprise and anger to Perry's decision.
  10. Botha used his jab with surprising effectiveness in the first round.
  11. The pick six began and ended with surprise winners in maiden claiming races.
  12. Swift sellouts for top shows often are handled with surprising efficiency.
  13. Barry perfected a breezy style combining silliness with surprising cultural observations.
  14. On Dec . 12, Teets responded to the question with surprise.
  15. But the largely American ensemble here handles the alien accents with surprising zest.
  16. Their escape was meticulously planned, and carried out with surprising ease.
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