with summary in a sentence

"with summary" in Chinese  
  1. Due legal process, as defined by Soviet law in force at the time, was often largely replaced with summary proceedings by NKVD troikas.
  2. VESELIN SLJIVANCANIN _ Former army colonel, indicted in connection with summary executions of dozens of civilians in the 1991 Croatian war in Vukovar.
  3. Some campaigners have suggested that the club is not applying a zero tolerance policy by not dealing with offences with summary and permanent exclusion.
  4. I am interested in editing an info box ( the box on the right side of the screen with summary information about an article ).
  5. He warned soldiers to stay in their barracks, but they continued to roam the streets in plain clothes, sometimes settling old scores with summary killings.
  6. It's difficult to find with summary in a sentence.
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