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  1. :: 10 : 43, 23 April 2007 Zubenzenubi reverts removal of Dell issue with summary " rv of unexplained deletion"
  2. Fodor sent Fulbright dozens of memos with summaries and his views of the situation in Europe and the Soviet Union.
  3. :: 00 : 01, 24 April 2007 Zubenzenubi reverts removal of Dell issue with summary " rv to reflect reality"
  4. I could see supporting a list of volumes, with summaries for each volume, which these lists could easily be converted into.
  5. I would support the bulk of the content being moved to its own wiki, with summaries left for the main topics.
  6. It's difficult to find with summary in a sentence.
  7. Also avoid reverting their edits with summaries that say " rv silliness, " especially if you are violating 3rr with it.
  8. Note : User : J閟k?Couriano unblocked Blblaa a few minutes ago, with summary " consensus is block is bad ".
  9. She abandons Browning to try to help as many people as she can, and is threatened with summary execution for doing so.
  10. These chapters are then collected in a book with a major publisher, which also includes an introduction and conclusion with summary information.
  11. A series of Summary Jurisdiction ( Ireland ) Acts, beginning in 1851, vested petty sessions with summary jurisdiction in minor criminal matters.
  12. The hearings, which began Monday and will end with summaries on Wednesday, have involved a distinguished cast of diplomats and and other witnesses.
  13. The government has charged the rebels with summary executions and rape, while the insurgents say the government is operating death squads in Abidjan.
  14. The trouble is, most funds respond with summary confirmation statements instead of the specific acknowledgement you'd prefer to take to a tax audit.
  15. Koalorka reverted my changes with summary " absolute no sense ", calling me a " novice editor ", " arrogant and trollish ".
  16. The committee organizes the prominent Tuesday lunches with summaries of major bills, analysis of roll call votes and distribution of issue papers ."
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