with summary in a sentence

"with summary" in Chinese  
  1. But this article should still exist as a list of them with summaries and crosslinks.
  2. Videos of clinical presentations, examinations and skills are also provided along with summary revision guides.
  3. Early papers were published in English, French, and German, with summaries in all three languages.
  4. When data are aggregated, groups of observations are replaced with summary statistics based on those observations.
  5. However, I reverted him once before, with summary.
  6. It's difficult to find with summary in a sentence.
  7. The hostages were threatened with summary execution before they were released unharmed Friday night, Petritsch said.
  8. Also I see edits with summaries like'edited for more accuracy'while the edit is just removing information.
  9. Furthermore, he removed my remarks from his talk page with summaries like " cleaning crap " :.
  10. I haven't done anything with summary style.
  11. ;Circular links of ISO names with summary data : Romanova : old articles were deleted as not-notable)
  12. The findings of the report detail the method with summary of the present state of shared governance.
  13. Several specific concepts and objects are brought up in the discussion generally along with summaries of significant criticisms.
  14. :: 19 : 13, 23 April 2007 Zubenzenubi reverts removal of Dell issue with summary " OEM revolt"
  15. I have no problems with summary.
  16. Don't delete with summary " odd tone or 2strange . " You are the cause of problems not me.
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