with summary in a sentence

"with summary" in Chinese  
  1. Jalandoni has charged the government with summary execution, illegal detention and torture.
  2. Includes movies for children of all ages, with summaries and discussion points.
  3. They announced the imposition of German military law with summary execution for violators.
  4. *I generally agree with summary of this dispute, but with a few points.
  5. The Finanztest Yearbook with summaries of the year's investigations comes out every December.
  6. It's difficult to find with summary in a sentence.
  7. Arrests with summary sentencing, public hangings, stonings and torture are on the increase.
  8. I have downed it with summary and rational of fair use and license.
  9. Sporadic resistance to these abuses was met with summary punishment.
  10. Fleisher and Miller are still battling in court, with summary judgments expected in February.
  11. The following are post-" Heller " cases, divided by Circuit, along with summary notes:
  12. Although the vast majority of my edits were depicted with summaries, some were not.
  13. Articles were originally published in either English or French, with summaries in both languages.
  14. The interviews conclude with summaries of the past 20 years of each woman's life.
  15. It looks like at least half of your edits haven't been accompanies with summaries.
  16. Mornings began with summaries of events the day before.
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