white irish in a sentence

  1. In the 1991 UK census 93 % of people reported themselves as being White British, White Irish or White Other with 7 % of people reporting themselves as coming from other minority groups.
  2. The ethnic make-up was 98.3 % White British with the rest consisting of 0.3 % each White Irish, White Other, Mixed White / Asian and Black British.
  3. But unlike Boston's white Irish community, " we don't control power, we don't control institutions, and it's the same thing with blacks ."
  4. When Clinton finally arrived late, after shopping and stopping at a pub on the outskirts of Dublin, they cheered wildly, many waving Old Glory and the orange, green and white Irish flag.
  5. She scandalized Irish-Americans in Boston when she told them she felt more comfortable, and had more in common, with blacks in the city's Roxbury section than with white Irish-Americans.
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  7. It was 75 % White, including 5 % White Irish, 6 % Black African, 5 % Black Caribbean and 2 % Bangladeshi . 32 % of the borough's residents were owner occupiers.
  8. Healy is now recognized as the first African-American bishop in the United States, but at the time he identified as white Irish Catholic and was largely accepted as such, without denying his African ancestry.
  9. Figures in 2011 on ethnic composition for Cullompton were : White English / Welsh / Scottish / Northern Irish / British 94.2 %, White other 3.6 % and White Irish 0.3 %.
  10. As to ethnicity, 89.5 % of the population identified themselves as being White British ethnicity, 2.0 % as of White Irish ethnicity and 8.5 % as White Other of the categories available.
  11. Judging by the fact that 6.6 % of the population was born outside the UK, it is probable that Belfast is around 92.5 % White Irish / British and 3.3 % non-White.
  12. Gray started working on White Irish Drinkers, a coming-of-age drama movie in 2009 . He had written the script of the movie a decade before, however, he could not find financing for the movie.
  13. As his poor church's valuable statue of the Blessed Virgin of Charity disappears on the way to its new home in a museum, the hapless priest is in danger of being perceived as a Puerto Rican altar boy for the white Irish cardinal.
  14. (Note :-though since 2001 census data for White British and White Irish have not been collected as a combined figure under the category of  White, new tables which cross-reference ethnicity with National Identity provide a comparable population estimate ).
  15. Same type of things they had supposedly said to the two boys on the Fields Corner train : " Let's beat the ( expletive ) out of these white Irish kids, " and " Let's ( expletive ) the honkies ."
  16. "Law got off to a strong start, as he spoke Spanish and was comfortable with white Irish power brokers and Haitian parishioners in Dorchester, " recalled Jim McManus, a Boston lawyer who in 1984 covered Law's arrival in Boston as a reporter for the National Catholic reporter.
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