white ice in a sentence

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  1. :: Look at This what about the permafrost layers, is like white ice, except it's surface is grayish?
  2. When cooled, kulich is decorated with white icing ( which slightly drizzles down the sides ) and colorful flowers.
  3. In 1998 engineers determined that the White Ice Cube was sinking due to ground water and nearby interstate construction.
  4. White ice has a milky appearance with air bubbles, and is formed when snow and water mix and then freeze.
  5. Also there is a recipe for white icing I use to have . . . that tasted like whipped cream.
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  7. Should the hailstone move into an area where mostly water vapour is available, it acquires a layer of opaque white ice.
  8. Our first excursion took Dune and me to overlooks with sweeping vistas of the jagged white ice of Passu and Batura Glaciers.
  9. White ice can also be formed by mechanically flooding the ice surface with water to increase the thickness of the ice cap.
  10. Ice connoisseurs, they rhapsodize up here about cauliflower ice, blue ice, milky ice, clear ice, white ice-- all variations on rime ice.
  11. There was cream and rum-filled cake with white icing, the cheese steaks that are Piccolo's claim to fame, and plenty of Sinatra music.
  12. And you will almost always find sushi-quality tuna from the Gulf of Mexico, as red as a rose petal, shrouded in white ice.
  13. The slim, slightly-bent man looked a bit perplexed as Turner produced a big, square birthday cake decorated with blue dolphins on white icing.
  14. In a compression regime, it will either raft ( at the grey ice stage ) or ridge ( at the grey-white ice stage ).
  15. "May there be many more good years, Amen, " said Sarah Netanyahu as she bent down to feed Avner vanilla cake with white icing.
  16. Royal icing is a sweet white icing made by whipping fresh egg whites ( or powdered egg whites, meringue powder ) with icing sugar.
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