white ice in a sentence

"white ice" in Chinese  
  1. After the blessing, Geronimo blew out the candles on a huge cake with white icing.
  2. One has a yellow icing and the other has white icing with pineapple on top.
  3. PUMPKIN : Tint white icing orange and frost cupcakes.
  4. Its thin white icing sprinkled with green and red sugars indicates it was intended for Christmas.
  5. Lori wanted a devil's-food wedding cake with white icing, so of course we'll have that, too.
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  7. Spoon the white icing into one squeeze bottle and one bowl of yellow icing into another.
  8. Also, there is a recipe for white icing I use to have that tasted like whipped cream.
  9. Giant chunks of blue and white ice fell for several days before the thunderous crash on Sunday.
  10. White iced his right knee on the bench, but later returned, which had to be a relief.
  11. Cream and white Ice Follies may be the toughest of all and is my favorite for performance.
  12. Generally it's just a small rust-colored orb devoid of features except, sometimes, a small white ice cap.
  13. It was an eight-tiered traditional fruit cake decorated with cream and white icing and 900 sugar paste flowers.
  14. Music made famous by the Chicago Bulls played over the speakers and colored spotlights lit the white ice.
  15. Great with Never Fail White Icing.
  16. A 1932 recipe in " Miranda's Cook Book " calls for custard filling and chocolate and white icing.
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