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  1. The newly hatched American white ibis is covered with violet down feathers, deepening to dark brown or black on the head and wings.
  2. There are many indigenous bird species, including splendid fairy-wrens, emus, Australian white ibis, Australian magpies and Australian ringnecks.
  3. A white ibis cleans itself, its long curved beak looking like some exotic chemistry lab equipment, cumbersome and elegant at the same time.
  4. In the Everglades ecosystem, human pollution has led to increased concentrations of methylmercury, which have impacted the behaviors of the American white ibis.
  5. Apart from pelicans, grey herons, white ibis, pond herons, egrets and many migratory duck and water birds can be seen here.
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  7. The American white ibis begins breeding in its third summer, although birds in captivity may breed as young as nine or ten months of age.
  8. An isolated event of intraspecific predation in juvenile American white ibis has been observed, where a juvenile attacked and consumed a chick from another nest.
  9. Biologically the scarlet ibis is very closely related to the American white ibis ( " Eudocimus albus " ) and is sometimes considered taxonomy.
  10. Punta Allen is a perfect base for bird-watchers; Pelicans, Pink spoonbills, Frigates, mockingbirds, vultures and White Ibis nest nearby.
  11. The problem, as game commission officials see it, is that the classification does nothing more to protect the white ibis than laws already in effect.
  12. At certain times of year ( especially in April, after a good rain ), visitors are dazzled by throngs of great egrets and white ibises.
  13. A total of 51 species of parasitic worm have been recovered from the American white ibis, predominantly from the gastrointestinal system and particularly the small intestine.
  14. Depending on the season, and your luck, you'll see great egrets, great blue herons, wood ducks, wood storks and white ibises.
  15. Egg predation rates of the American white ibis decline with nest age owing to increased nest attentiveness by the parents, especially during the last week of incubation.
  16. Other common birds that can be seen around the Manatee River include cattle egret, white ibis, great blue heron, and yellow-crowned night heron.
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