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  1. The near-threatened species darter, painted stork, Oriental white ibis are also present in the sanctuary.
  2. white ibis flying over the " River of Grass ", with tree islands in the background . ]]
  3. White ibises nest on grass clumps or cypress, often with great egrets, cattle egrets and great blue herons.
  4. In the mid-1930s, white ibis nests alone numbered 210, 000 in what is now Everglades National Park.
  5. Nematodes are more prevalent in American white ibis from freshwater habitats, and cestodes more frequent in those from saltwater areas.
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  7. The guides point out alligators, herons and white ibises, and show passengers the sharp, serrated blades of the sawgrass.
  8. By 1990, the number of wood storks and white ibises had dropped by 90 percent, herons and egrets by half.
  9. Egrets and white ibises take off in the distance, fluttering like tattered handkerchiefs across a horizon marked by scattered clumps of willow.
  10. Anglers and canoeists can explore the mill pond dotted with Spanish moss-draped trees and home to blue heron and white ibis.
  11. During the breeding season, the American white ibis gathers in huge pirate food from unmated females and juveniles during the breeding season.
  12. The American white ibis is found in a variety of habitats, although shallow coastal marshes, wetlands and mangrove swamps are preferred.
  13. Among the wildlife of the park are white-tailed deer, bobcats, and white ibis, wild turkeys, and herons.
  14. There are about 65, 000 white ibises statewide, 65 percent fewer than Florida had in the late 1970s, wildlife officials say.
  15. Until two weeks ago, he'd been taking visitors there to view alligators, turtles, threatened white ibis and other wildlife.
  16. Exposure to methylmercury alters the hormone levels of American white ibis, affecting their mating and nesting behavior and leading to lower reproduction rates.
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