where in a sentence

"where" meaning  "where" in Chinese  
  1. Those erratic sales leave few clues about where sales are headed.
  2. Just stop where you are and build up on that shoulder.
  3. Where are our leading actors, our producers, our cinematographers?
  4. The rest won't know where they're playing.
  5. That's why we're where we are at.
  6. It's difficult to find where in a sentence.
  7. Except where aspects of the new, coed army are involved.
  8. From where I was, chipping would have been more delicate,
  9. Where can you put money and not have it blow away?
  10. "Where is the evidence ? " he said.
  11. Where time is big money to the promoters, no waiting.
  12. This is not where William Frederick Cody wanted to spend eternity.
  13. That means taking a gig where ever it's offered.
  14. They are also places where people and their differences are accepted.
  15. And we knew exactly where they were, every Saturday night.
  16. And where does Udell find his " daffodils "?
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