where in a sentence

"where" meaning  "where" in Chinese  
  1. The little mall where the road forks toward Mattituck is welcome.
  2. But it will be interesting to see which linebackers play where.
  3. "Where would you go ? " asked Rice.
  4. She had no idea who I was or where she was,
  5. "Where's Calvin ? " she said.
  6. It's difficult to find where in a sentence.
  7. This is the place where the first information Chernobyl will happen.
  8. Look around and see who is catching the fish and where.
  9. And where was Ralph Nader when all this was going on?
  10. No one knew who they were or where their mothers were.
  11. We'll have to see where it stabilizes ."
  12. Washington is not the only place where disgrace is no disgrace.
  13. But where Paris has really made strides is in modern dance.
  14. It was wonderful returning to the place where I was certified.
  15. "They don't know where my file is.
  16. He overwhelmed Wagnon in the Topeka area, where both live.
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