where in a sentence

"where" meaning  "where" in Chinese  
  1. Send Parreira back to Kuwait ( where he once coached ).
  2. He just got the ball up where they could whack it,
  3. Where does Showalter start in assessing this wild and wacky contest?
  4. That's where so much of the comedy comes from.
  5. He won't disclose where he's getting financing.
  6. It's difficult to find where in a sentence.
  7. He didn't know where that many could be found.
  8. Where I come from, you don't take junk.
  9. Divining where the cash will go is less easy, however.
  10. Then he stormed upstairs, where he retreated for an hour.
  11. It is very hard to see where we go from here.
  12. Where would you go to start over ? ( Signed ) Tex
  13. But there are places where old-fashioned lemonade still lives.
  14. Where did he get the name " Orenthal "?
  15. I need to find a niche where I can fit in.
  16. Where we would lose control is if we charge too much.
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