where 2 in a sentence

  1. Its six fricative phonemes make Kokota a relative outlier in Oceanic, where 2-3 fricatives are usual.
  2. There's no room at the farm where 2, 000 refugees are sharing stables with cattle and horses.
  3. In Puerto Rico, desperate residents tried to get news from New York, where 2 million Puerto Ricans live.
  4. The police presence was palpable in the French capital, where 2, 500 more soldiers were mobilized on Saturday.
  5. Police surrounded the building after the attack and was conducting a search through offices where 2, 000 people worked.
  6. It's difficult to find where 2 in a sentence.
  7. The explosion on Thursday toppled the roof of an adjacent building where 2, 000 tons of explosives are stored.
  8. Yalova prosecutor Metin Fadillioglu said 15 were under investigation in his province, where 2, 400 people were killed.
  9. Agricultural production in nations like Zimbabwe, where 2, 000 people die each week of AIDS, is falling.
  10. Before leaving, Clinton briefly visited Camp Bondsteel, where 2, 500 U . S . troops are based.
  11. where 2 \ Delta \ nu is the effective 1 / e-bandwidth and 0 is the mean frequency.
  12. Can't we get that lower with a crystal where 2 interchangeable atoms can be used at each node?
  13. "Eventually we'll have multi-player games where 2, 200 people can interact simultaneously,"
  14. Authorities were able to open a road leading to Yosemite National Park, where 2, 200 people had been stuck.
  15. The play is set in a Latin American country where 2 percent of the population has 96 percent of the wealth.
  16. In 1967, Israel occupied the West Bank and Gaza _ where 2 million Palestinians live and have recently won autonomy.
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