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[ (h)wɔ:f ] Pronunciation:   "wharf" in a sentence   "wharf" meaning
  • n.
    (pl. wharves, wharfs) 码头。 a wharf rat 〔美俚〕码头贼。vt.
  • at wharf:    在码头交货
  • the wharf:    九仓; 九龙仓公司; 九龙仓集团有限 ...
  • wharf to:    wharf码头至码头
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  1. The crowd that throngs the wharf as the steamer draws alongside is gay and debonair .
  2. Beck's mercedes, with its large diplomatic medallion on the radiator drove up the wharf and stopped .
  3. Justine kept doggedly to her place at the rail until the wharf was a few hard lines and little pink pinheads in the distance .
  4. Temporary traffic arrangement on wharf road , north point
  5. The reappearance of the korean wharf site in mount putuo

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