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  1. Hogefeld is also charged with helping to bomb and destroy an unoccupied, newly-constructed prison in Weiterstadt, near Frankfurt in 1993 and murdering a policemen during her capture the same year.
  2. VDC-2000 Specter and Specter FS are made in Weiterstadt-Darmstadt Germany by Grass Valley-a Thomson SA brand, former names see Philips Broadcast and Robert Bosch GmbH, Fernseh Division.
  3. The Hesse state Justice Ministry said it gave the lawmakers permission to hear Sirven as a witness in the Kohl scandal at the prison at Weiterstadt, outside Frankfurt, where he has been jailed since Saturday.
  4. Members of the German parliamentary panel traveled to the Weiterstadt prison to question Alfred Sirven, a former French oil executive believed to be the key figure in a corruption scandal involving high-ranking French politicians.
  5. The two men were arrested Friday at a hotel near the Frankfurt airport and are now being held at a nearby maximum security prison in Weiterstadt, where they were ordered held in temporary arrest pending extradition.
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  7. Owing to the majority shareholder Franz Haniel & Cie ., other wholesalers were incorporated into the group ( for example Friedrich Sch鋐er GmbH, Weiterstadt and Kaiserslautern, Wilmaco GmbH, Hamm and Lieser Pharma-GmbH, Duisburg ).
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