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  1. The squadron badge was approved by King Edward VIII in 1936.
  2. Faced with a hostile coalition, Michael VIII did not tarry.
  3. Pope Clement VIII made this feast a greater double in 1597.
  4. Their son was Emperor Michael VIII Palaiologos ( 1223 1282 ).
  5. Henry VIII created him a Knight of the Garter in 1522.
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  7. The inactivation of Factor VIII a is not as well understood.
  8. Pope Urban VIII granted Smotrytsky the title of Archbishop of Hierpolski.
  9. Reveille VIII served from August 2008 until her retirement in 2015.
  10. As VIII Corps and the cavalry turned the Confederate left flank.
  11. It was commissioned by Pope Urban VIII and built in 1627.
  12. This was declared by Pope Boniface VIII ( 1235 1303 ).
  13. The fort was captured by Henry VIII would not allow it.
  14. Paku Alam VIII was a major figure in the independence struggle.
  15. The offertory on that was given to the King Edward VIII.
  16. Urban VIII united the See of Senj with that of Modrua.
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