viii corps in a sentence

  1. It was assigned to garrison duty Forts VIII Corps, Middle Department, until August.
  2. By January 1810 a new VIII Corps was created in Spain and placed under Junot.
  3. The VIII Corps lost 5, 000 killed, wounded, or died of illness.
  4. The force in Palestine ( VIII Corps ) is replaced with the Army in Mesopotamia.
  5. The French VIII Corps under Mortier began the Siege of Kolberg on 20 March 1807.
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  7. VIII Corps would launch their offensive from the beachhead gained by the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division.
  8. VIII Corps  were saturated with optimism over-emphasising the effect of the preliminary bombardment.
  9. In late March, VIII Corps advanced eastward through Eisenach and then across the Fulda River.
  10. Wallace was restored to full command of VIII Corps and the Middle Department on July 28.
  11. Beyond the River Weser, VIII Corps met weaker opposition and pushed rapidly across Luneburg Heath.
  12. The British Official Historian, VIII Corps on 26 June, to envelope Caen from the west.
  13. VIII Corps was placed on 24 hours notice to launch further attacks to the west of Caen.
  14. Junot finally appeared with the VIII Corps and secured the heavy artillery needed to breach the walls.
  15. In March 1945, 100 AA Brigade supported VIII Corps during Operation Veritable in the Klever Reichswald.
  16. The regiment was attached to VIII Corps and was present for the disastrous Battle of Harpers Ferry.
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