valvate meaning

Pronunciation:   "valvate" in a sentence
  • Adjective: valvate
    1. Meeting at the edges without overlapping; - said of the sepals or the petals of flowers in aestivation, and of leaves in vernation


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  1. The staminate flowers are asymmetrical and borne in triads with three distinct, valvate sepals and three thick petals.
  2. The fruit is a leathery valvate capsule which splits open to release several red or orange, fleshy-coated seeds.
  3. The corolla is basally tubular and twice as long as the calyx, divided into three lobes, striate and valvate.
  4. They have three pointed, obovoid petals, which are elongated, valvate, and longer, wider and thicker than the sepals.
  5. The pistillate flowers are longer and ovoid with three sepals forming a cup, and three imbricate petals with thick, valvate tips.

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